Boveda for Food Storage

Are you getting the most from your food?


Boveda is the global leader in 2-way humidity control. Boveda can be executed in a full range of relative humidity levels (13-95%) to preserve the precise humidity atmosphere for any item with which it’s packaged.

Boveda packs are zero-maintenance, they don’t need activation or special storage conditions and we make them in a variety of sizes to seamlessly integrate into your current storage containers and packaging.

If your product is moisture-sensitive, you need Boveda to keep it in optimal condition.

Dried Fruit

Raisins and various dried fruits that become too dry are hard to chew and can lose their color, taste and vitamins. Dried fruits that become too moist will grow mold. So how do you ensure that your fruit stays soft and supple without molding for when you are ready to enjoy? With Boveda.


Did you know the critical influence on the fluffiness and taste of popcorn is largely determined by how much moisture is in the unpopped kernel? Kernels stored too dry pop smaller and have a tough texture that no amount of butter can overcome. Start storing your popcorn in a glass or tight container along with a Boveda 69 pouch and watch as your popped corn performs at its peak each time you feed your crowd.

Brown Sugar

Have you ever found your brown sugar a hard rock or a gooey mess? With Boveda inside the bag or container, those days are over. By monitoring the ambient humidity and adding or removing moisture as necessary to maintain exactly 69% RH, ideal for brown sugar, Boveda will keep your brown sugar perfectly soft and ready for your culinary needs.

Spices & Herbs

The vivid taste you want from your spices won’t be there if they aren’t kept in at their ideal humidity level. With too little moisture, spices lose their color, aroma and taste. When spices have too much moisture, they won’t measure, pour or shake well and the nuances are watered down.